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Announcing the Audiobook Launch of Should've Been Dead!

Rory speaks. Sweta writes. How one addict's story raises questions for reflection for any one of us.

Rory and I are thrilled to announce the release of the audiobook version of Should've Been Dead! Mark Garkusha did a phenomenal job narrating the book; it's an art to carry so much emotion through voice alone.

Today, we're presenting an audio-blog post for you. Rory and I will each share our favorite excerpts from the book.

Listen to Rory's favorite lines.

"... the heart of this book answers a different question people don't think to ask: How did I recover my self-worth, a belief in myself, after decades of living with the weight of shame?"

Rory shares: This part emphasizes that no matter how low we might feel, there is always hope. You might be facing broken relationships, divorces, a criminal record, and other past wreckage. But you can still carry on and find something different. A new path.

I remember how, in my early days of being sober, with a clear mind, I knew all too well who I was and what I had done in my addiction. I could barely lift my chin up and look others in the eye. I felt I had nothing to offer and was ashamed. I had failed in life. For me, the turning point was being courageous enough to say yes to new experiences, like reading to children and starting up conversations with others. After decades of addiction, homelessness, and detachment, I rejoined society. These relationships helped me feel human and worthy again.

Listen to Sweta's favorite lines.

"... you are what you do, not what you did..."

Sweta shares: We often get trapped in our minds, replaying past mistakes and feeling shame. Why did I...? I should have... I could have... This excerpt is a powerful reminder that we have the power to start fresh at any moment. The choices we make from now on define who we are. Rory often points that when interactions go well, they feel right, and when they don't, something feels off. Aligning our values, thoughts, and behaviors isn't always easy, but it's a journey we're all on. This part reassures us that it's okay to make mistakes and offers the grace to start anew whenever we need it.

Hope you can check out the audiobook today!

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